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By Kaytie Zimmerman, Forbes Contributor – 02/9/2017

On Tuesday, Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, announced that Facebook’s bereavement leave policy is changing. Additionally, their leave policy to care short-term and long-term for an ill family member is also changing. This comes on the heels of many other benefit changes in the tech industry and beyond, such as extended paid maternity or parental leave, flexible time off policies, and volunteer time off. As a whole, all of these changing benefits reflect the attitudes and desires of a changing workforce, driven largely by millennial employees.

Facebook’s new policy allows for 20 days off for bereavement for an immediate family member and 10 days off for an extended family member. They have also added a six week paid leave policy per year to care for an ailing family member. Additionally, employees are allowed three days of paid sick time to take care of a family member with a short-term illness.

Sandberg, who lost her husband Dave Goldberg in 2015, shared her thoughts on the new policy.

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