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The Five Dimensions of Global Leadership – By Linda Sharkey

Hardly any company today can escape the truths of the new work environment. Globalization is a reality. Companies are expanding and operating business units offshore, selling to foreign markets, managing global supply chains or confronting more global customers. With this expansion diversity in every sense of the word is abounding! Not only do we have many generations in the workforce but also the workforce demographics are shifting. In the coming years the majority of those we will recruit from will be millennials born all over the world with different experiences in life and different needs.

Research suggests that these workers want to gain skills and transport them across many industries and job opportunities. The day of the life long job with a particular company is over. Transient workers will be more and more the norm. Layer on top of these trends the increasing power of social media, technology advances and societal complexity and the scene becomes extremely daunting. These trends put pressure on the current leadership models and require new leadership approaches. So how do you build leadership capacity and capture value in this increasingly, global, complex and interconnected world?

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