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Look out! Across the globe conventional wisdom is being thrown out the window. Rules that once made sense no longer seem to apply. This show is an essential guide to thriving in turbulence. It’s packed with compelling real-world cases on how to remain competitive in these unprecedented times. Hosts Dr. Linda Sharkey and Morag Barrett share first hand experiences, latest research and exceptional guest insights to future-proof your career and company. Can you survive? Of course you can. But prepare now and act!


Upcoming and Archived Shows:

June 21st Show –
Women in Leadership

Join us with our guest Linda Patten, founder of Dare2Lead with Linda, international speaker and best-selling author. We’ll explore the elements of successful leadership – not simply commanding or managing, but developing the mindset and skills of influencing, inspiring and motivating others to take their success journey together.

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Distinguished Fellow and adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering. Artificial Intelligence

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– With Michael Chavez
CEO of Duke Corporate Education

What to do when Machines do Everything – How do Humans Get Ahead?

– With Benjamin Pring
Co-leader of Cognizant’s Future of Work Center