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How to Future-Proof Your Workplace

By Matt Davis, SHRM Contributor - 03/22/2017 Globalization, demographic shifts and technological advances are transforming the workplace. The way we work—including people practices such as how we develop talent and leaders—must be retooled for this century, say HR and...

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Millennials: Traditional Retirement Might Not Be In The Cards

By Kate Ashford, Forbes Contributor - 02/28/2017 As people work and live longer in better health, some experts are suggesting that retirement—a traditional retirement, in which you stop working entirely—may become a thing of the past. “With a 100-year life becoming...

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The Five Dimensions of Global Leadership

The Five Dimensions of Global Leadership - By Linda Sharkey Hardly any company today can escape the truths of the new work environment. Globalization is a reality. Companies are expanding and operating business units offshore, selling to foreign markets, managing...

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Academy of Brain Based Leadership Board

I am excited to announce that I have been appointed to the Academy of Brain Based Leadership Board. This is a great opportunity to help grow the connection between neuroscience and leadership development.

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