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Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches

Renowned leadership coach and thought leader, Marshall Goldsmith, has named Dr. Linda Sharkey as one of the top 100 executive coaches, from a field of over 16,000. “This amazing group of individuals are some of the top people in their fields.”

Goldsmith created 100 Coaches list as part of his “pay-it-forward” project to bring together an influential and diverse group of coaches with which to work and share his knowledge in the spirit of generosity. His only request was that, per Goldsmith, “When they get old they need to do the same thing I did.”

Being a part of such an esteemed group and project is not just professionally rewarding but personal to Linda. She is a Founding Member of the Marshall Goldsmith Group, and Goldsmith has said of Linda that she “is one of the greatest leadership development professionals and executive coaches I have ever met.”