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Designing a Future-Proof Workplace

Business Challenge: Twentieth-century workplace paradigms no longer apply in today’s world of fast-paced change. Globalization is shrinking the world, demographics are shifting, and technology unheard of 10 years ago is changing how people work and interact. How do businesses futureproof their strategies and prepare to meet challenges head-on while growing their organization for today and beyond?

Unique Perspective: Command-and-control leadership won’t take businesses into the new global environment. Futureproofing your workplace may require a whole system change.

Thought Leader Insights: Examine how your company is doing in the following 6 areas:

  1. Leadership: Cultivate leaders who are purpose-driven and willing to team-build in nontraditional ways. Examine what leaders value and how they behave.
  2. Culture: Establish values that guide business decisions even when these values break traditional business rules. Understanding your current culture and striving to cultivate a healthy culture is non-negotiable and should be a primary focus of leaders.
  3. Purpose: Skip the mission statement and find your company’s compelling purpose. Purpose is power. Purpose appeals to our inner need to contribute to the greater good and will inspire the new generation of employees as well as your customers.
  4. Relationships: Realize that networks and relationships are the new org structure. Silos are dead and leaders have to get comfortable with that. Technology, globalization and the inter-connectedness of our business and private lives is inevitable.
  5. Diversity and Inclusion: Dump diversity. Diversity is about conforming to the norms of those in control. Focus on inclusion and belonging. Belonging is about being accepted for who you are without bias. Eliminating negative bias and making others feel accepted ratchets up creativity and innovation – a must for the 21st Century.
  6. Technology: Embrace technology and enjoy the benefits. Don’t let unanswered questions about AI, Big Data and what the next technological innovation will be stop you from using what is available now. Be flexible enough to change when better tech comes along.

Executive Networks Perspective: All of our members struggle with the blistering pace of change inside and outside their companies. Linda offers a simple and compelling approach to managing the uncertainties of the future with practical suggestions that mirror what our most advanced members are doing today.

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